SATCO  spol s r.o. - basic information


SATCO s.r.o. established in 1992 y. It has engaged in development, production and supply of components for a TV signal cable distribution. It has specialised in medium to high categories of this equipment. CATV headens SATCO are used in more than 200 cable distribution networks in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The largest TV cable networks fed from a SATCO master station provide signal for some 4000 to 5000 subscribers. SATCO s.r.o. endeavours to create a complete assortment offer of CATV headens elements which is continuously upgraded. All SATCO products are supplied either in the basic modular version or upon request in standardised 19 racks. The 19 racks allow upgrade with other specialised functions like a balanced audio output XLR 600W stereo, output AUDIO/VIDEO level regulation, upgrade for remote control with a PC, an audio filter, a stereo decoder, input AUDIO level regulation etc.

Besides sets for interception and processing of satellite and ground signals, we supply an input TV convertor with output AUDIO/VIDEO, versions to receive and distribute stereo signals, elements to process radio signals, input and output audio balanced amplifiers 600W , signal switches and other equipment.

In 2003 y. started production of Digital UP-Converter For Data Transmission in cable network. This coverter consists of rack SC-DCR-403 for 5 unit UP-Converters SC-DCU-401 or for 5 units DOWN-Converters SC-DCD-402.

The current offer involves TV modulators and demodulators to receive and distribute satellite signals in MONO and STEREO versions (SC-MTM-202, SC-STM-208, SC-RSS-201), Frequency Converters to process a ground broadcaster signal (SC-IC-101/AV, SC-IC-101, SC-OC-101), UHF FM Radio Channel Converters (SC-FMC-101, SC-ASR-206), UHF FM Band Amplifiers (SC-FMA-101), Signal Switches (SC-SSW-101), Input and Output Audio Balanced Amplifiers 600W (SC-ASZ-101) and the like. Special Satco products are elements used in microwave links that have been supplied in particular for assembly of the microwave links of the alcoma s.r.o. company. These are Frequency Modulators (SC-TFM-101), Single AUDIO FM Channel Modulators (SC-AFM-101) and adapted Channel Receiving Units (SC-RSS-201/ALS).

The complementary offer includes supporting racks, lockable cases, power supplies, adders, branching units, feed switches and the like.

Other complementary products are subscriber filters that enable to select distributed signal among individual users,  Signal Branching Unit (SC-SD8-216) which shall serve to branch a signal from an external unit (LNB) in the frequency band 0.9-2.0 GHz, Distribution Video Amplifier (SC-VRZ-215) - a two channel splitter 1 input/ 3 outputs with level regulation and switchable video filter and a reference frequency source (SC-REF-217) which serves as a source for reference frequency 8MHz or 6.4 MHz for stereo TV modulators to allow the synchronious operation in HRC channels.